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Gifts for Boys

This product category consists of the Gifts for boys. We have shortlisted the set of best gifts for boys on the basis of the recent trends which boosts up their jolly mood. The set of products includes birthday gifts for boys, gifts for boys of age 25, gifts for boys of age 20, gifts for boys of age 14, gifts for 14 year old boys, and many more gifts for teen boys.

A colour changing mug!

Eye catching LED glasses with Auto color fading + flashing. Water activated: It glows automatically when drinks are added. Perfect for drink competition, see who is the first to finish the drink and turn off all the LED.


Pen that covers the scenario!

A Working Pen with Video and Sound Recording features. Pen that enables a user to secretely capture the moments that he wish to capture. Video Resolution: 720 x 480@30fps


Mindblowing leather wallets!

Perfect gift item for boys for your loved ones. Leather wallets that ingenious, compact, contemporary, durable and robost.


God cannot reach everywhere hence he made drones!

Best quality drones that are designed by smart techies with Flying Height: (199 Feet), WiFi FPV Live Video, HD Camera (Photos and Video Recording directly to Smartphone via APP), Headless Mode.


Spread the aura of your presence!

The perfume that has Irresistible fragrance, Specially designed fragrance which lasts longer when you party. Effective on body as well as clothes.


Silver that stands with the gold!

Crystal studded bracelet is an exclusive high designer piece that is too good to flaunt in your party or on a day out.Every Crystal of the Bracelet adds up to its beauty with a mid layer of rainbow sparkling colors.


Store your smoke and drink in a case!

2 in 1 Multifunction flask thats perfect for liquor and smokes -cool stainless steel and leather alcohol flask with compartment/cigarette case built-in case for men and women. The flasks are made with good quality stainless steel.


A combo pack that includes your daily things!

A pack thats a perfect gift option for boys that includes Deo 150 ml, Shave Gel 70g, Soap 125g, After Shave Lotion Travel Pack 50ml, Face wash Styling Gel 25g, and Beer shampoo 200ml; Item Form: Foam, Liquid and Spray


Coffee with the Camera!
Enjoy your favorite beverages at home, school or in the office, camera lens mug is designed to be a multi-purpose container, for hot milk, tea or coffee or else cold beverages. Kick your day Start With coffee in this professional mug cup cover can hold some biscuits and other snacks

Fart Smell Bomb_whackystuff.com

Fart fiercely!

Surprise and take revenge in a frolic way. Make them feel your presence in a nastier way. Squeese and put fart bomb & it pops out with a stinky smell. Great for fun and the person on whom prank is done can not even complain about bad smell.

Unicorn slime_whackystuff.com

Pinch it, elongate it, squeeze it or twist it!

Non-sticky Jelly slime that gives you a cool feeling in your hands. Count on this product for endless fun for developing kid’s creativity and imagination and also exercises the kid’s coordination ability of hands, eyes, and brain. Ideal gift for kids! It comes in 6 different colors.


Awaken your inner idol.

Keep singing your favorite songs This karaoke mic works with most karaoke apps, so you can sing along with almost any song. It has built-in HD stereo speakers and up to 5 hours of battery life.

Chewing Gum Electric Shock_whackystuff

Shock them with Chewing Gum!

Best product for pranks, you can shock anyone with this amazing product. It’s a funny product , when first time it doesn’t gives shock and when they pull it didn’t comes out but it gives shock so they realize that it’s a prank.

Patilmagic Liquid Disappearing Ink Magic Trick_whackystuff

Make the stains disappear with magic!

Squirt a little Invisible Ink on someone, watch them have a huge reaction, and laugh and they’ll see that the stain completely disappears. There’s a great acid-base chemistry behind all of the prankster fun. Its a great educational product for an acid base topic!

Potato Chip Snake in a Can _whackystuff.com

Potato Chips turns to a snake!

An 8.5 inch tall can with realistic graphics looks like real can of potato chips even has nutritional facts looks like a real potato chip can until the snake jumps out huge 4 foot 5 inch snake that soars out of the can ideal as a prank item.

Electric Shock Pen Toy_Whackystuff

Shock them with a pen!

Do Shocking pen harmless prank. The best and harmless prank that can be done with friends in a frolicking manner. It looks like a fancy pen that will give your friends a shocking experience when they try to use it.

Funny Glitter Bomb Gift_whackystuff.com

Open it for extra fun!

Prank your loving ones with lots of annoying glitter guaranteed to go everywhere to activate a shock and fun mode in them. The moment they open the box, a spring will pop out and spread glitter all over. Promise

Rope Light

Make Astonish Evening Every Day…!

This Pendant Light is an ideal fixture for providing warmth and welcoming to your kitchen, living room. This is a lovely pendant light that adds some rustic flavor to your home. Size: Length 31.5″ and height 24.4.


Decorate Your Home with Colorful Balloons !

This LED Balloons is very unique and distinguishable product for your birthday, Anniversary, office party. This LED Balloons gives us different experience that’s never had before.

Leather Diary (2)

Keep Your Secrets in Stylish Way!

This is handmade leather Diary and naturally tanned with special oils. It’s best and wonderful gift for friends and to family members. They have diary at a reasonable price with good design.

Coke pen

Now, Three in One…!

It comes with an attractive design. This Can be used for both personal use and for gifting purpose Hang up your house keys in this stylish key chain . This beautiful charm will make sure that everyone’s eyes are on you.